Law and Society

Law and Society

This program is designed to help students understand the complex relationships that exist between the legislative branch of government, the judicial system, law enforcement and society in the West.

Introduction to Sociology

Learn sociological principles and perspectives as a way of understanding everyday social life. Study meanings and functions of various roles in historical and contemporary societies. Evaluate causes, consequences and comparisons of social hierarchies.

Criminal Justice & Civil Liberties

This course looks at civil liberties through the lens of criminal justice: the rights of those arrested, tried, and sentenced in the United States, and the balance struck between the goal of public safety and the protection of the rights of the individual.

Terrorism & Counterterrorism

Provides a historical analysis of terrorism.

Introduces the historical and contemporary issues relevant to domestic and international terrorism.

Examines methods utilized by law enforcement and intelligence agencies in preventing and detecting terrorism.

Topics include the role of the media in covering, investigating and reporting terrorist events, and the sociological dilemmas involved in investigating terrorist acts in democracies, such as the threats to privacy and individual rights.

Law & Society Program Structure

As part of a comprehensive and robust educational experience, our teaching and training methods employ several components that ensure our participant’s success! Each course is tailored to the subject being taught and may include:

Problem solving skills
Hands-on investigative research
Experiential visits to observe court proceedings
Interviews with law enforcement agencies
Seminars and Tutorials
Case presentations
Self-learning and self-exploration materials