Patient Management

Patient Management

Fazko is here to help international ministries and companies prepare for patient visits.  With so many hospitals having different procedures and different details to keep in mind, it can easily become overwhelming.  Additionally, scheduling international travel for employees, and sometimes family, can become extremely time consuming.  Below is a selection of the services that Fazko offers to allow our clients to focus on the good health and improved well-being of their employees, and less on the administrative functions.


As soon as an employee’s need for medical attention in the United States is identified, our team will work with the employee and their local doctors to schedule the necessary appointments at the hospital of your choosing.

Medical Records

Next, Fazko will coordinate with your employee to ensure all relevant Saudi medical records such as current diagnosis, films, images (X-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound), and biopsy results are translated into English and sent to the medical team in the US.  This gives the US medical team sufficient time to thoroughly review the medical situation and consult with the Saudi physicians if necessary.  We will provide the employee with instructions on sending them directly to the hospital through a private carrier such as FedEx.

Appointment Confirmations

On receipt of the medical records, all the employee’s US appointments and consultations we be reconfirmed and Fazko will send a package that can be used to begin the visa application process.

Visa Documentation

Fazko will endeavor to ensure the process for receiving a B-2 visa for medical treatment is expedited and all relevant information is available for the embassy official that will review the visa application. The US immigration authorities will be looking for:

Confirmation that the employee is travelling only for medical treatment
The visit is for a specific period of time and is supported by a letter from the employee’s physician
There is a permanent residence in Saudi Arabia and binding ties, such as a job and family, that demonstrates an intention to return home
There are sufficient financial means to pay for the travel and personal expenses during your employee’s US stay
A financial guarantee exists to pay for the costs of the medical treatment.

Travel Management

With medical appointments confirmed and the visa process started, Fazko will begin coordinating flights, accommodations for the employee, and possibly family.  If family accompanies the employee, we can arrange car services, translators and meal preparations if desired.

Local Support Services

Once employees, and possibly family, arrive in the United States, Fazko endeavors to ensure everything moves as smoothly as possible.  When dealing with the stress of medical appointments, language barriers, cultural differences, new climates and time zones; Fazko will work with our client’s employees and the medical center to keep things simple

Hospital Admission

On arrival to the hospital, Fazko will ensure the admissions process is efficient and your employee and family understand all the medical forms and releases.

Islamic Support Needs

As part of the information package Fazko sends prior to departure, a listing of available halal markets will be included as well as masjids for family members.  Likewise, the hospital will be informed of specific dietary requirements that should be considered for the employee’s stay.

Instructions from Physicians

As necessary, Fazko will provide translated instructions from the medical team to ensure both the employee receiving medical treatment and the family, that is part of the support network, fully understand what is needed for a path to full recovery.


If recommended by the medical facility, Fazko will identify short term accommodations, for bachelors or family, following discharge from the hospital.  During the period of convalescence, a car and driver can be arranged for follow-up appointments, maid cleaning services can be coordinated, and meal preparation can be scheduled.  Alternatively, working with the medical facility, Fazko can assist with identifying private duty nurses, in-home nursing, personal care assistants or home health assistants if required.