Student Life


At the very center of our program is the English language education we provide to our student cohorts. The Fazko English Language program prepares English language learners to be functionally capable in American English while promoting intercultural understanding and a global perspective. Students typically attend 20 classroom hours each week and are encouraged to participate in other elective opportunities. Our universities provide a balance of reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar into one unified program that supports a cohort’s needs; Fazko then complements the cohort’s university classes with homework help and English for Specific Purposes whether it be military preparation, nursing, teaching or technical careers.

Cultural Immersion

Whether our Muslim students are in class or participating in organized cultural activities, we are constantly helping them expand their world-view and deliver experiences to broaden their perspectives of other peoples and traditions. Trips to historical locations as well as art, nature, science and sports are included in all of the calendars we build for our groups. History, culture, new perceptions, appreciation for differing ideas; these are things that are learned in the world outside of the classroom. Fazko Education endeavors to deliver a well-rounded education not just a textbook based education.

Support Classes

In most cases, we have learned that our visiting students do not have the background or structured discipline for the academic environment that they will experience in the United States. Initially, students are overwhelmed by the amount of homework and assignments that are given outside of the classroom time. We start by helping students with their homework, we teach organization skills and basic study skills. Eventually we progress to test preparation, note taking, reading for ideas, writing lengthy papers, oral debate, academic integrity – the abilities students need for independence and continued academic success. In the final phase of our evening support classes, we begin introducing English for Specific Purposes. At that point, our students have gained a good command of the English language, they should be progressing well towards their goals and they can now handle the additional complexities of their given academic subject.

Student Counseling

New students from the Arab world studying in the United States encounter a lot of challenges and experiences that are new to them and are sometimes difficult to navigate. One of the cornerstones of our program is the counseling and support we provide to our students. Whether or not a student is having problems academically, socially or integrating smoothly into the new Western culture, our student liaisons and management team are available to help. Every cohort that joins our program is assigned an adult bilingual Arabic-English representative that is available 24×7 to assist with any problem or address concerns and issues.


Fazko Education provides safe, comfortable and conveniently located housing accommodations for all students enrolled in our programs. Depending on the needs of our client, students participating in our program may be provided private apartments, apartments that can be shared or in some cases, we can make arrangements for on-campus dormitory housing.


FazkoEdu provides safe, reliable and punctual transportation for all students. Transportation is provided to and from classes, medical appointments, embassy meetings, airport, and etc. Our friendly and experienced drivers are familiar with the local area and beyond.

Independent Learning

It is important that students have every opportunity to learn if they have the desire. In addition to our classroom activities and programmed extracurricular activities, Fazko Education has developed an online resource for students to work at their own pace.  In our repository with thousands of questions and answers divided into grammar groups, students can practice their comprehension and reading skills with a never-ending series of self-tests.  Additionally, we provide access to Rosetta Stone© for listening and speaking practice.  At Fazko Education, we recognize that not all students succeed best through classroom learning; we provide the means for each student to return home confident in the new language they have acquired.

Comprehensive Reporting

The success of our students is critical to our business but equally important are the needs of the sponsoring company or organization. As the sponsor of a cohort of students, Fazko Education provides an online resource where you can check on the status of your students across any time zone. Our web portal will provide information on each of your registered students, their attendance in the program, their grades and any standardized test results that they may have taken. At a meta level, the program sponsor has access to standard reports that show top grade achievers, the low performing students, average grades across classes and other key data that helps our customers gain relevant insight into the progress of their cohort.